Feed Your Colon!


Knee Pain


After being employed for 26 years in a window manufacturing plant, I developed a severe pain in my upper leg and knee area.  My work task often required long periods of time walking and working on a cement floor.  When the time came to sit or take a break, it was most difficult and painful just to bend my knee like a normal person would do. At other times my work duties called for me to be driving equipment and to be in a sitting position for indefinite periods of time. When this happened it turned into another struggle to straighten my knee again so that I could walk. I felt I really had to do something about my condition, so for the first time in my life I went to see a doctor. As most doctors would do, he gave me a series of cortisone shots. The pain disappeared that same day. But in a short period of time the effects of the cortisone wore off and the terrible pain returned. With constant pain and uncertainty about my condition, I knew something needed to change and I surely needed a better form of relief. Immediately I began a regimen of using 20 of the Frame Essentials per day. This was spaced out at five capsules, four times per day, for the first four days. After the severe pain subsided, I reduced my dosage by a small amount every couple of days until a maintenance dosage of six per day was achieved. This still remains my daily intake. However, when Old Man Winter arrives, I take another four capsules just before bedtime.  Since the introduction of AIMega, I take the same amount as I do of Frame Essentials.  My wife also had many health problems, but the worst were her terrible migraines.  She averaged three of them a week.  But once she started taking BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend, they are in the past.  She says they were caused by a sluggish colon, or Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) can trigger them.

I am most grateful to the AIM Company for their incredible products, for those who introduced me to them and especially for my wife Marlene, who encouraged me through this process.


John Miller

Dundee, OH