Feed Your Colon!


Arthritis and Fatigue


All my life I had many health issues, even as a child. After I was married, I suffered constipation, arthritis, miscarriages and depression with mood swings. I often hired someone to help me in the home to care for my children and help with my work several days a week. I had low energy and was sluggish much of the time. In 2002, at the age of 28, I met Keith and Charlotte Thompson. My energy level was low and I was searching for better health. Healing came slowly for me, as I had little ones and soon expected another one, which meant I couldn’t cleanse as quickly and deeply as my body needed. The first changes we noticed were in our six-month old son, Robert.  He wasn’t gaining as we thought he should. After putting him on goats’ milk with BarleyLife in it, we quickly saw a change in him—within two weeks.  This got our attention.   His personality just came alive.  Soon our whole family began using some of the products.  I made changes in my diet along with taking the AIM products. This change, along with the AIM products, has made a real difference in my arthritis and over-all health.  My thinking has become much more clear.  It seemed I had brain fog often in the past.  I have also gone through several parasite cleanses. The Para 90 and the Herbal Fiberblend have helped me pass many parasites. The Renewed Balance has really helped to balance my hormones and mood swings.  I take the Garden Trio, Herbal Fiberblend, Composure, Frame Essentials and Peak Endurance.

Our children love their BarleyLife Xtra and some of them use the GardenTrio. My husband Atlee also uses the products and has improved health because of it.  Life has become so much better. I am now able to care for my family the way I desire. I do my own house cleaning, gardening and enjoy life. I also find myself able to help others. God created us to heal quickly if we are willing to cleanse and feed our body the plant foods that He intended for us. We are so thankful to have the whole-food concentrates that AIM provides us.


Mrs. Atlee (Mary) Yoder

Apple Creek, OH