Feed Your Colon!


Depression was a struggle for me and I was on Zoloft for 7 years.  After being on the AIM products for a while I decreased my Zoloft over a 2 month period. After slowly decreasing the Zoloft, I completely stopped using it in January 2011 and am doing well. As adults we found it best to start with only ½ teaspoon of BarleyLife 2 times a day and increase slowly until we reached 2 tablespoons or more each day. We use 4 Proancynol, 2 Flora Food, and 4 Composure 2 times a day. Our children use less than we do and use according to their needs. Our 5 year old takes 5 capsules of BarleyLife 2 times a day. We praise the good Lord for the AIM Products!


Ray and Ada Yoder

Topeka, IN