Feed Your Colon!

Testimony of Laura G.


Last year in 2012, I had 2 bouts of Diverticulitis with only 3 months in between and was put on antibiotics. Then in January of 2013 I had another bout, but this time I had difficulty with the antibiotics and I became allergic to almost everything they could find to help. I had to go to the ER and was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Even after my release from the hospital I did not feel like I was getting better. Due to the fact that I had been on antibiotics for over a month my intestines felt like they were on fire. The GI doctor told me I need to have surgery as soon as everything cleared up. I went to see the surgeon and was scheduled to have the bad part of my colon removed.

Then Cheri and Randy told me about AIM and said to try it before having surgery. I was still in pain so I thought I had nothing to lose. At first I felt like I was getting worse and called Cheri. She told me my body was toxic and just to keep on it for a little longer. I did and after about 3 days I started to have hope that things were getting better. A week later I could see this was my answer and called to cancel the surgery. The surgeon had told me that I would definitely need surgery. It has been 9 months now and I have not had a bout of diverticulitis. If I feel something might be starting to flare up I just take more of the products from AIM. I take the Flora Food, Barley Life, and Herbal Fiber blend every day. I am so grateful to God and to Cheri and Randy for telling me about AIM so I could avoid surgery and feel good again.

                                                                                                Laura G.
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