Feed Your Colon!

Acid Indigestion, Sinus Infection, and Colitis 

Acid indigestion, sinus infection and colitis, along with bad nerves, had been a way of life for me for many years. I required lots of rest to be able to cope with working long hours as we raised our 3 sons. Every day since before I was married I struggled with acid indigestion.  In order to just get through the day I took Maalox or Tums for many years. In the winter of 1997 I was 56 years of age and was fatigued when I would get up each morning and when I went to bed each night. I told my wife, “We need to make some changes—I can no longer live this way. . . I will have to quit my job. Everything had become a chore to me.  In March of 1997 we learned about AIM’s Barley Juice—now called BarleyLife. We changed our diet to a lot of raw foods and took the junk food out of my lunch pail (at my request). I also started on AIM BarleyLife and carrot juice. To our amazement, 4 days after this change I came home from work and told my wife I was feeling better. As we learned about Herbal Fiberblend and some of the other products we also began taking them.  At the age of 18, I was told I needed corrective lens restriction on my driver’s license. Several years after using AIM products the optometrists would decrease the strength of my prescription at examination. A few years ago when I had my driver’s license renewed my corrective lens restriction was removed from my license. I have been grateful for my improved health. I no longer need to take Tums or Maalox because the acid indigestion has disappeared. The enzymes and fiber in my diet with added BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend and Prepzymes have made a huge change for me. Neither do I need antibiotics for sinus infection as I did every winter and sometimes more than once. I had colitis for years, which created a problem for me many times on the job. I no longer struggle with colitis. The BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend, Flora Food & Composure have made the difference for my colitis.  I no longer struggle with athlete’s foot as I did for many years. At one time I put BarleyLife on my feet at night. We use most of the products at one time or another. I use Cellsparc 360, Bear Paw Garlic, GinkgoSense, Frame Essentials, and Proancynol.  I find most of the products are helpful in some way.  I am almost 68 years of age.  This fall I enjoyed a 22-mile bike ride with my grandsons.  I am most grateful for my improved health.   I am so thankful to God for the AIM company and these products that have changed my life.


Keith Thompson

Dundee, OH