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Relief from Allergies and Migraines


As a young child I had problems with allergies. Over the years it became worse. I came to the point that I couldn’t do any cleaning or gardening (house plants or flowers) because of the dust.  The smell of freshly cut hay or grass would make me sick. I would react with a runny nose and sneezing.  My eyes would become red, itchy, watery and puff up. My head felt like it would burst.  After being on the AIM products for 2 years my allergies are gone. Last summer I worked outdoors in the garden and flowerbeds. I also helped with haymaking.  Thanks to the AIM Products I no longer get migraine head-aches. This is a blessing. 

The products I used were Garden Trio, Herbal Fiberblend, Herbal Release, Bear Paw Garlic, Proancynol and Composure.

 I later added Leaf Greens and Renewed Balance.


Effie Hershberger

Millersburg, OH