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AIM GlucoChrom for a Diabetic

I have been a diabetic and on medication for some time. In November 2008, my doctor wanted me to make an appointment so he could install an insulin pump.   The sugar numbers were extremely high, even after trying to control the diet.  A friend bought the first bottle of GlucoChrom for me.  The doctor told me to go for it and delayed the plans for an insulin pump at that time. I started on the GlucoChrom on December 7, 2008. I took the product faithfully.  After 2 weeks being on the program I noticed my insulin numbers had been dropping from 400 to 285. I was shocked. It seemed to take 8-12 weeks to reach 160’s and on down to 140’s and currently now it stays at about 115 to 120. When the doctor downloaded it to his computer, he could not believe the results. He again thought he would wait until later to install the pump. I have lost 49 pounds. After the weight loss a host of other health issues have cleared up for me also.  My blood pressure has been normal.  I am grateful to my friend for sharing the AIM GlucoChrom with me.  I thank God for the best year medically I have had for a long time.


Karen Wallace

Orlando, Florida