Feed Your Colon!

Constipation, Low Energy, Bronchitis,
Knee Pain, and Headaches

Low blood sugar, fatigue, and constipation seemed to be my destiny for life. I remember looking at others and wondering if they really felt as well as they seemed to. As a young mother taking care of our three sons, I so badly wanted to have more energy. I had heard the saying, “Life begins at 40,” however, when I turned 40 I thought to myself . . . if this is it ??? . . . I just don’t know. . . I really dreaded the thought of growing older.  For much of my life I had weak lungs. I had pneumonia and many ear infections. Bronchitis had started to be a yearly thing every winter in my late 40’s and early 50’s. Of course that meant an antibiotic. Before I was 50 years of age I was already struggling with bad knees along with my other past health issues. In the spring of 1997 my mother shared a tape with me that my brother, David Rawls, had given to her. This tape told of people regaining their health from a disease without medicine after they changed their lifestyle, began using AIM Barley Juice, carrot juice and eating lots of raw foods. At first I didn’t believe it was possible. . . but, since my husband wanted to make some changes we would go for it. . . We started taking the AIM BarleyLife, carrot juice and added a lot of fresh and raw foods to our diet for my husband’s sake. I was in for a big surprise!

After making these changes, I slowly felt some stamina in my body that I had not known before. About mid-afternoon I would feel really tired again and remember to take my BarleyLife. I noticed by evening I had more stamina.  Instead of a bowel elimination once or twice a week, I was experiencing an elimination twice a day! This was exciting for me. I could never remember this happening before. I would awaken with a headache.  As soon as I took my BarleyLife my headache would go away. That excited me too! Soon we learned we should use the Herbal Fiberblend for colon cleansing even though I had an elimination twice a day. About a year later I learned one tablespoon a day wasn’t enough for me to really cleanse. I had to increase my Herbal Fiberblend to 3 times a day and 2 Composure opened into my fiber with 2 Para 90 for parasites. After this, I noticed my colon was cleansing old matter that had been there many years and was causing my toxic headaches, low energy, etc. After cleansing, my pH level went up to normal and my energy level went off the charts for me! This was so exciting. I wanted to tell everyone! “It really feels good to feel good!” I am so thankful for Herbal Fiberblend and what it has done for my toxic body.  I think I would have had colon cancer by now had I not cleansed my colon when I did. After cleansing the colon I can now assimilate my healthy food even better.

I no longer suffer with bronchitis as I did for many years and I no longer have knee pain. I am not constipated, I don’t awaken with toxic headaches, and my eyes have improved. Each time I get my eyes examined the optometrist says, “Your eyes are just so healthy!” I also have healthy gums, which I didn’t before.  I also take the Garden Trio, Proancynol 2000, Flora Food, Renewed Balance, Bear Paw Garlic, PrepZymes, GinkgoSense, Cellsparc 360 and Peak Endurance.


I will forever be thankful to God for bringing AIM products into our lives. 
Charlotte Thompson
Dundee, OH